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The Official Drew Struzan Web Site has been redesigned with all new artwork. 
Drew has now opened up his archive vault
to share with us many of his Poster Art, 
and some of his private Fine Art.
Many fantastic and memorable poster images, some to view and meditate and 
some to purchase for your collection.
Check out his official site, before its all gone.
The time is now, 
your chance is there, 
your opportunity to own,  
an original work of art
by Drew Struzan.



2015 New and Updates.


1)Batkid Begins - The official poster for the documentary film Batkid Begins. Fantastic Art by Drew Struzan for 2015. (Click Here) 



2014 New and Updates.


1) BIMBY - This is the first image for 2014, and its a great lost artwork. This is very rare, 70s advertisement done for the Peter Buchard award winning novel called Bimby. The art was made for advertising a TV movie or even a full length movie, but who knows what happened. Enjoy the art. (Click Here) 


2) CHARLTON HESTON USPS STAMPS - This Charlton Heston Postal Stamp,

wont be out until April, but here you can enjoy an early Valentine gift for all in 2014. 


3) THE GREAT MUPPET CAPER - To celebrate St. Patty's Day, here's alittle something Green, Pink, Brown and Violet for you to enjoy. This rare art is

different than the poster art, done for the movie soundtrack sing-along book.


4) SIERRA PACIFIC AIRLINES - This very rare logo artwork

was done for a flyer. enjoy. (Click Here.) 


5) REVENGE OF JEDI - An early gift for all you fathers who love and collect Drew's art. 

This rare early concept sketch art was done for the poster and is in the official book called The Art of Return of the Jedi. 



6) THE WALKING DEAD HERO COMPLEX GALLERY - This Halloween a gift to you. A special artwork for
gallery show.


"Drew: The Man Behind The Poster"

The much awaited documentary film had its premiere at this year San Diego Comic-Con with a full house, with a Q & A panel. The film directed by Erik P. Sharkey, takes fans much closer to Struzan, the man behind legendary posters for the "Indiana Jones" and "Star Wars" films and many other iconic posters we all know and love.




2013 News

1) BEING HUMAN - Brand new artwork for 2013 for the SYFY tv series BEING HUMAN. 

Enjoy it. (Click Here.) 


2) THE SATURN AWARDS - To start the New Year off, here are 2 rare artwork images done for the cover of The 34th and 37th SATURN AWARDS. These are rare programs only obtain at the award show. (Click Here.)


3) ARCHIE BUNKER'S PLACE  - This rare artwork ad page came from Broadcasting magazine.  


4) RTD STREET FLEET - This RTD bus time schedule flyer was for their Summer Beach Service campaign.  (Click Here.) 


5) RTD STREET FLEET - This rare poster used inside the bus to promote the Summer Beach Campaign, with great artwork.  Enjoy the poster. (Click Here.)


6) BOOK SOUP - A little 2013 Valentine gift for you.

This very rare Logo artwork was designed for the famous bookshop on Sunset Blvd, CA. owned

by Glenn Goldman. It was used on business cards and book bags in the 70s. It took me 10 years of research to find this image art, (Enjoy it here.)  


7) INDIANA JONES AND LAST CRUSADE - The rare unique artwork used only for newspaper ads. Shown here are 2 versions, with different inserts. (Click Here.) 


8) THE BEACH BOYS LIGHT ALBUM - The cover shows 12 different postcards artwork based on the songs represented on the album. Shown here is Drew's artwork for the song:

'SUMAHAMA'. (Click Here.)


9) SEVENTH AVENUE - This art was created for Universal Pictures for a made for TV movie in 1977 starring Jane Seymour.  (Click Here.) 


10) NANCY DREW FILES - These are the 3 lost artwork Drew had done for the book series, that never got published or seen the light of day until now. Enjoy them. (Click Here)   


11) BLACK OAK ARKANSAS TOUR AD - This rare ad came from Melody Marker magazine and features the artwork used from their High On The Hog album. (Click Here.) 


12) WHEELS - This rare ad was found in TV Guide issue 5/6/1978.

The five part mini series from Arthur Hailey's book starring Rock Hudson.  (Click Here.)


13) THE CRUSADERS - Here is an early Father's Day gift for all dads that collect Drew Struzan.

A very rare image art done for the band The Crusaders called Southern Comfort.

The red color Knight helmet artwork was done by Drew when he was working at

Pacific Eye & Ear in 1974.  (Click Here.) 


14) HOW TO TRAIN YOUR DRAGON 2 - A very special and limited print made to promote the movie, only at Comic-Con 2013.  (Click Here)


15) DREW: THE MAN BEHIND THE POSTER - Official movie poster given out to promote the documentar film about Drew Struzan. (Drew has done 100s of posters, but this rare poster is the only poster that actually has a self portrait of the artist on the poster.)


16) STEPPING OUT MAGAZINE - Rare artwork done for the magazine cover issue number 19 in 1988, with 5 page  interview and photos. (Click Here) 


17) LUCILLE BALL BARBIE DOLL - This rare image of Lucille Ball was only use for the U.S. Postal Stamps but somehow found its way onto a box cover for a limited edition barbie doll. (Click Here.) 


18) AITV MONSTERS PREVIEWS AD - A very rare halloween treat for all.  This promotional artwork done  for AITV, to showcase upcoming monster movies. 


19) UNIVERSAL MONSTERS - Another scary halloween treat for you.  In 1978, Universal Television proposed producing a series of made-for-TV movies featuring all their classic horror monsters in contemporary settings. These 5 paintings were done to pitch the idea to network executives. Happy Halloween.  (Click Here.) 


20) THE 34TH SATURN AWARDS PROGRAM - This rare program has potraits art, each was done seperately and composed together to form this cover for the award show. This program also included another rare artwork of Guillermo Del Toro done by Drew Struzan.

Enjoy. (Click Here) 


21) STRING OF THE KITE - This is a holiday gift to all guest. A rare poster artwork done for the short film starring John Schuck out in 2014. Enjoy.



21) THE EARTHLING - A very rare advert done for the film starring William Holden and Ricky Schroder found in The Daily Variety Magazine.  (Click Here).






Signed Posters.










2012 News
1) $600 AND A MULE - This is the rarest item I have found in years. It was a one day ad in Variety magazine promoting the musical play produced by Quincy Jones.
The art deco image was done during the 70s.  by Drew Struzan. (Click Here) 
2) LOVE AT FIRST BITE - This rare artwork came from the AIP 1979 pressbook of the vampire comedy starring George Hamilton. (Click Here)
TV Guide ad. (Click Here.)
3) A PIECE OF THE ACTION (B style poster)
A very rare early artwork done by Drew for the 1977 Bill Cosby & Sidney Poitier movie. This piece of art was done in a day for a promotional ad but somehow found its way to be a UK QUAD poster. (Click Here)
4) HERE'S LOOKING AT YOU, KID - Rare Casablanca musical plate produce
by The Franklin Mint. (Click Here) 
5) CALIFORNIA JAM - Drew confirms this rare 1974 poster artwork design as being his early works for the one day historic concert event. (Click Here) 
6) THE STING 2 - The artwork is for the movie starring Jackie Gleason and Mac Davis.
This art here is slightly different since it was redesigned to fit horizontally in the tv guide advertisement. (Click Here)
7) LEVI'S JEANS MADE FOR WOMEN - Another lost artwork found in a magazine.
A 2 page ad for Levi's Jeans made for women. This art is one of many done for Levi's Jean company. (Click Here)
8) RTD STREET FLEET BUS LINE - Back in 1974 the RTD launched its summer
"Street Fleet" on four new bus lines to carry people from different parts of Los Angeles County to Santa Monica Beach. The buses were decorated to look like submarines
with bright blue waves and fishes.
Guess which artist did the artwork for the whole summer bus line campaign?
Yup, Drew Struzan. 
Enjoy the ride.
9) HOOK - The 2nd version artwork for the Robin Williams & Dustin Hoffman movie, done for video and laserdisc covers. This beautiful art looks similar but slightly different in a few ways. Enjoy. (Click Here.) 
10) BLACK BEAUTY - This is the cover artwork for the
tv movie on NBC-TV , the classic story by ANNA SEWELL.
2011 News
1) HELEN HAYES USPS STAMP - Look for it in April 2011
at your post office. (Click Here.) 
Titan Books revealed limited signed art print when you buy
DREW STRUZAN book at New York Comic-Con. (Click Here.)
done in 1978 for American International Television Inc.
"Ghoul-a-rama" campaign book. (Click Here) 
done in the 70's for campaign book cover. Click Here) 
5) DEFIANCE - Promotional advertising art. (Click Here) 
6) THE WIZ - Yellow Brick Road artwork was done for the
poster/program for the Diana Ross & Michael Jackson movie.
7) A SMALL TOWN IN TEXAS - Trade advertisement for movie,  
with slightly different artwork. (Click Here)
8) D.C.  CAB - Rare artwork of MR. T  done for
movie poster. Now we can see his boots. (Click Here)
9) LAS VEGAS PLAZA FASHION SHOW - This was the program
cover artwork done for the opening of the Las Vegas Plaza Mall. (Click Here) 
10) LAS VEGAS PLAZA MALL - Artwork for mall poster. (Click Here)
11) QUEEN STORY - Rare artwork done for Filmways Pictures,
to campaign Richard Dreyfuss story that was never made into a movie.
12) DANGEROUSLY - Rare artwork done for Polygram Pictures,
to campaign never made movie for Dudley Moore.  (Click Here)
13) THE FIRST DEADLY SIN - Fantastic campaign artwork for
a detective movie starring Frank Sinatra. (Click Here)
14) FILMWAYS PICTURES - Logo artwork for the 1980/1981
campaign program.  (Click Here)
15) FORBIDDEN BRIDGE - Rare Milton Bradley Adventure Game, with
Drew as the action hero, escaping the temple. (Click Here) 
16) AWAKE MAGAZINE - Rare cover artwork done for the
Jehovah Witness magazine Oct 8, 1992.
There were others art done for the inside articles too.
17) LONG BEACH PLAZA - Another rare poster done for the
City of Long Beach. (Click for Image)
18) TEX - A fantastic promotional advertising piece for the Matt Dillon movie. (Click for Image) 
2010 News Update
1) THE ART OF DREW STRUZAN, a new book from Titan Publishing.
Get in now, on amazon.
is a documentary feature film on the career of artist
Drew Struzan. 
Official site here
Here is a short interview with
Drew and the filmmakers.
3) AMC will distribute limited edition of
"The Walking Dead" series posters created by Drew Struzan at Comic-Con 2010. 
After 20 years of searching and digging for this rare lost art image. 
It is now uncovered here!  ENJOY!  (CLICK HERE)
6) Bob Ezrin Logo - Done back in the 70s for the producer and now will be used in an upcoming Drew Struzan book out late 2010. (Click Here.)
7) The Orginal Piano Artistry of Jonathan Edwards,
Rare 1975 cover artwork by Drew Struzan for
Corinthian Records. (Click Here)
2009 Updates
1- BARBIE 50th Anniversary - Done for Kurv Magazine. (Click Here).
2- PLAZA PASADENA - Rare poster artwork done for pasadena mall. (Click Here!)
3- SEA ODYSSEY - Art for Port Aventuras Theme Park Ride in Spain. (Click Here!)
4- 34th SATURN AWARDS - Poster artwork for 2008 award show.
5- SUPER CAPERS - Upcoming 2009 movie poster. (Click Here!)
6- THE VILLAIN -  Kirk Douglas & Ann-Margret 1979 movie program.
2008 Updates
San Diego Comic-Con 2008 
revealed new Drew Struzan goodies.
1- INDIANA JONES HASBRO TOY PACKAGING - Rare Drew Struzan artwork done only for the HASBRO TOY LINE. (Click Here For Image)
2- Frank Darabont "THE MIST" comic-con poster. Click Here!
3- "Blade Runner - Final Cut DVD" announcement and promotional mini poster.
4- Hellboy 2 The Golden Army - Rare Promotional give away poster at NEW YORK COMIC-CON. (Click for Image)
Contra Alliance- The Triology (Comic Book Cover)
Spooks (Comic Book #4)
Dark Horizon Movie
Scissor Sisters Hurrah for the Ta-Dah DVD art.
Angels & Airwaves I-Empire
Sexina P.I.  movie poster
The Rise and Fall of Darth Vader
Slipcase and book cover features artwork by Drew Struzan.
Last of the Jedi #9, Master of Deception.
Last of the Jedi #8, Against the Empire..
Star Wars Last of the Jedi #7 Secret Weapon 
Star Wars Last of the Jedi #6 Return of The Dark Side
Abominable  (Image Here) 
Henry Fonda - (Click Here) 
Torrente 3 - Spanish Movie Poster (Click For Image)
Zathura - Please visit 
The Green Mile Director's Cut DVD  (Click Here)
Simon Says - (Click Here)
Pan's Labyrinth (Click Here)
Jimmy Stewart Stamps (Click Here)
Homeland The Illustrated History of Israel (View Image) 
Adventures of Johnny Tao (Click Here)
Lord of the Ring Masterpieces 1 & 2 Collector Cards     
(scans of 2 out of 17 cards) (Click Here)
Recently I discovered more lost treasure,
Be sure to look in the Rare Art section for some great art!!!


Have you ever wished to see just how
illustrator Drew Struzan does that?
How he makes those amazing and fantastic
movie poster artwork come alive?
Well, for the first time ever,
Drew opens his doors and welcome us all
into his studio to see him actually working,
conceiving, drawing, and painting one of his original
poster artwork for the movie HELLBOY.
For the first time, we can witness the mastery of one of the greatest movie poster illustrator of our time.  
See and hear him explain how, why, and
what he is thinking along the way. 
The master reveals everything,
the entire process from beginning to end 
in this full featured DVD called:
Concepts * Drawing * Painting *
Rendering * Explained & shown in Detail *
Full process of the actual HELLBOY Art.
Runtime - 100 minutes
Price -  $100 USD
Order at




This sumptuous hardcover edition, with a foreword by George Lucas, features over 250 pieces of artwork, including all of Drew's most iconic movie images, as well as other highlights from his career, including album, book and comic book covers, stamps, trading cards, promotional artwork and very personal original works. The text will be written by his wife Dylan, providing an intimate look at the man and his legacy. 
The definitive collection of Struzan's work; this is an absolute must-have for any movie buff and an unrivalled slice of both art and cinema history.

This is a new book by TITAN PUBLISHING set for

OCTOBER 4 2011





(Unused artwork)
San Diego Comic-con 2011 had
a limited edition of 500 copies,
special 18x24 large print lithograph,
autograph signing event

drew struzan joe namsinh magic joseph artwork

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