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"He DREW First Blood, not me."

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Book Covers
(**Item is sold or no longer in my collection or never found)
Action Comics / Superam #800 - DC COMICS
Adventures in Babysitting - Elizabeth Faucher
**AIP Preview Theatre - American International Films (Brochure)
AITV - A Winning Hand - American International Television Inc.
America's Movies / Los Angeles Olympic 1984 Game Program
Astounding Space Thrills #3
Back to the Future Hardcover Storybook
**Back to the Future Complete Trilogy Book
Back to the Future III (pb)- Craig Shaw Gardner
Batteries Not Included - Wayland Drew
Bear, The - Richard Woodley
Beyond the Boardwalk - Rod Mckuen
Black Beauty - Anna Sewell
Black Bird - Alexander Edwards
Blade Runner - Philip K. Dick
Blue #1 comic - Greg Aronowitz and Associates, Inc.
Blue #2 comic - Greg Aronowitz and Associates, Inc.
Blue #3 comic - Greg Aronowitz and Associates, Inc.
Brave New World - Aldous Huxley
Cannonball Run - Michael Avallone
Christie's Auction Book - Art of the Cinema Auction
**Contra Alliance (Comic Book Cover)
**Crimson Skies High Road to Revenge Prima's Strategy Game book.
**DAS MAGAZIN - Han Zimmer 2 page German magazine spread.
Dreams For Sale 1985 Art Gallery Program
**Drew/OEUVRE - Official Drew Struzan full color 300 page hardbound book.
**DREW/OEUVRE Advance Version - Official 300 page hardbound book, unapproved first version of the book with different layout and images (Very Rare).
** Movie Poster Art of Drew Struzan, The - Official  120 hardbound book. (Another official book/ International) 
Empire of the Ants - Lindsay West
E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial Magic Wand Book - Texas Instrument Inc.
**E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial Story book (Struzan cover)- William Kotzwinkle
First Blood Rambo - David Morrell
Flintstones The Movie Storybook
George Lucas / The Creative Impulse I - Charles Champlin
George Lucas / The Creative Impulse II - Charles Champlin
Harry and the Hendersons - Joyce Thompson
High Ballin - Richard Robinson
**History of Jehovah's Witnesses: From a Black American Perspective - Firpo W. Carr
Hollywood Reporter 20th Century Fox the first 50 Years
**Homeland Israel (Book Cover Art) 
**Indiana Jones and the Dance of the Giants - SOLD 
**Indiana Jones and the Dinosaur Eggs - SOLD
**Indiana Jones and the Genesis Deluge - SOLD
**Indiana Jones and the Hollow Earth - SOLD
**Indiana Jones and the Interior World - SOLD
**Indiana Jones and the Peril at Delphi - SOLD
**Indiana Jones and the Philosopher's Stone - SOLD
**Indiana Jones and the Secret of the Sphinx - SOLD
**Indiana Jones and the Seven Veils - SOLD
**Indiana Jones and the Sky Pirates - SOLD
**Indiana Jones and the Unicorn's Legacy - SOLD
**Indiana Jones and the White Witch - SOLD
Johnny Carson TV guide
Lady Pendragon - Greg Aronowitz and Associates, Inc.
Lonely Guy, The 
Mad Magazine
March or Die - Robert Weverka
Masters of the Universe Comic Book
**Memories of a Munchkin by Daniel Kinske (Oz Art inside)
**Mist, The (paperback book)
Moment To Moment - Rod Mckuen 
**Nancy Drew / Deadly Intent - Carolyn Keene
**Nancy Drew / Secrets Can Kill - Carolyn Keene
Once an Eagle - Anton Myrer
**Private Files of J. Edgar Hoover, The
Return To Oz Movie Story Book
Seventh Avenue - Norman Bogner
**Snake Plissken Comic
**Spooks (Comic Book #4)
**SPYRO, Hero's Tale - Primo's Strategy Video Game book
**Star Trek Comic Book by Wildstorm
Star Trek Voyager Comic Book by Wildstorm - Signed by DREW
Star Trek The Next Generation Comic Book- Signed by DREW
Star Trek The Next Generation Snes Game book
Star Wars / Ambush at Corellia 
Star Wars / Assault at Selonia 
Star Wars / Before the Storm 
Star Wars / Children of the Jedi 
Star Wars / Courtship of Princess Leia 
Star Wars / Courtship of Princess Leia (B) 
Star Wars / Darksaber 
Star Wars Darth Maul #1 SOLD
Star Wars Darth Maul #2 SOLD
Star Wars Darth Maul #3 SOLD
Star Wars Darth Maul #4 SOLD
Star Wars Episode 1 The Phantom Menace 
Star Wars / Glove of Darth Vader 
Star Wars / Hutt Gambit 
Star Wars / I, Jedi 
**Star Wars / Last of the Jedi #6 Return of Dark side
**Star Wars / Last of the Jedi #7 Secret Weapon
**Star Wars / Last of the Jedi #8 Against the Empire
**Star Wars / Last of the Jedi #9 Master of Deception
**Star Wars / Last of the Jedi #10
Star Wars / Lost City of the Jedi 
Star Wars / Mission from Mount Yoda  
Star Wars / New Rebellion 
Star Wars / Nightlily: The Lover's Tale 
Star Wars / Paradise Snare 
Star Wars / Planet of Twilight 
Star Wars / Prophets of the Dark Side 
Star Wars / Queen of the Empire 
Star Wars / Rebel Dawn 
**Star Wars / The Rise and Fall of Darth Vader
Star Wars Role Playing Game 
Star Wars / Shadows of the Empire 
Star Wars / Shield of Lies 
Star Wars / Showdown at Centerpoint 
Star Wars / Spector of the Past 
Star Wars / Truce at Bakura 
Star Wars / Tyrant's Test 
Star Wars / Vision of the Future 
Star Wars / We Don't Do Weddings / The Band's Tale 
Star Wars / Zorba the Hutt's Revenge 
Traveling Again, Dad? -
** What Does Jesus' Death Mean to You? 
Wheels - Arthur Hailey
** When Man and Beast Live in Peace
Who is Killing the Great Chefs in Europe? - Nan and Ivan Lyons

(**Item is sold or no longer in my collection or never found)