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"Life is like a canvas, and you should
put as much paint on it as possible."

Drew Struzan Joe Namsinh indiana jones star wars

Misc Collectables 
(** Item is sold or no longer in my collection or that I have never Purchased. This list here is of all the many items that of my knowledge are in existance.)

Aces & Eights Tin Box Art and Charactors Playing Cards

**Andy Griffith / Mayberry RFD Plate

**Andy Griffith/ TV Tunes Music Box Collection 
**Beverly Hillbillies Plate

**Beverly Hillibillies/ TV Tunes Music Box Collection
Casablanca / Here's Looking at You Kid Plate
**Clue Mystery Game / Franklin Mint (Charactors Cards)

Frank Sinatra / My Way (Singing Plate)
Frank Sinatra / New York, New York (Singing Plate)

Frank Sinatra / Strangers in the Night (Singing Plate)

**Frank Sinatra / Franklin Mint Promo Poster. SOLD

Frank Sinatra / Witchcraft (Singing Plate)

Frank Sinatra / The Bobby-Soxer Days Plate Frank Sinatra
Frank Sinatra / The Bobby-Soxer Days Plate Hoboken Heartthrob
Frank Sinatra / The Bobby-Soxer Days Plate All the Way
Frank Sinatra / The Bobby-Soxer Days Plate - Frankie
Frank Sinatra / The Bobby-Soxer Days Plate The Crooner
Frank Sinatra / The Bobby-Soxer Days Plate Radio Days

**Honeymooners Plate

**Legend of the West Collector Knives / Annie Oakley

**Legend of the West Collector Knives / Billy the Kid

**Legend of the West Collector Knives / Sundance Kid

**Legend of the West Collector Knives / Wyatt Earp

**Little Rascals / Little Rascals Official Plate
**Little Rascals / Barnyard Melody 
**Little Rascals / Dog Tired
**Little Rascals / Fill'er Up
**Little Rascals / Hang On Tight
**Little Rascals / Silly Sultans
**Little Rascals / Clueless
**Little Rascals / Stuck On You

Lone Ranger Plate
**Princess Diana / Angels Among Us Plate
**Princess Diana / Angel of Hope Plate
**Princess Diana / Elegant Princess Plate
**Princess Diana / Queen of Compassion Plate
**Princess Diana / England's Rose Plate
**Princess Diana / Modern Day Princess Plate
**Princess Diana / Mother Above All Plate
**Princess Diana / People's Princess Plate

**Princess Diana / Princess of Style Plate
**Princess Diana / Shy Di Plate
**Singing in the Rain Plate

Star Trek / Captain Kirk and Crew Plate Cardboard Show Display- Signed by DREW
**Star Trek / Captain Kirk and Crew Plate
**Star Trek / The Next Generation Plate
**Three Stooges / Three Stooges Official Plate
**Three Stooges / The Pressing Problem Plate

**Three Stooges / Elementary, My Dear Moe

**Three Stooges / Funny Bones
**Three Stooges / Dr. Howard...Dr. Fine...Dr. Howard
**Three Stooges / Golf Pros (Square Plate)
**Three Stooges / Pop Art

**Three Stooges / Rub-a-dub-dub

**Three Stooges / The K.O. Corral

**Three Stooges / The Pros as Cons

**Three Stooges / Yanks For The Memories
**Three Stooges / The Cooking Lesson
**Three Stooges / Tree Surgeons

**Titanic / Movie Poster Plate


Alfred Lunt and Lynn Fontanne Stamps

Celebrate the Century / 1990s Stamps
**Edward G. Robinson / Legends of Hollywood Stamps

**Edward G. Robinson / Legends of Hollywood Promotional Poster Only

**Henry Fonda / Legends of Hollywood Stamps

**James Stewart / Legends of Hollywood Stamps

**James Stewart/ Legends of Hollywood Stamps large poster

**John Wayne / Legends of Hollywood Stamps

**John Wayne / Legends of Hollywood Promotional Poster

**Lucille Ball / Legends of Hollywood Stamps

**Lucille Ball / Legends of Hollywood Promotional Poster Only

**Legends of American Music / Broadway Songwriters - SOLD
**Legends of American Music / Hollywood Composers - SOLD

**Star Wars 15 USPS Postal Stamps for 2007

**Star Wars 15 USPS Postal Stamps Promotional Poster

Zora Neale Hurston


Adventures in Babysitting (Small Hanging Mobile Display) SOLD

**Adventures in Babysitting (Large Standee)

**Back To The Future I (Video standee)

**Back To The Future II (Video standee)

**Back To The Future III (Video standee)

Crocodile Hunter (Large Theater 3-D Standee)

**D.C. Cab (Counter Standee)- SOLD

**D.C. Cab (Large Video Standee)

**Ducktales (Large Standee)

Experts, The (Video Only)

Flintstones, The - Video Standee (A)

Flintstones, The - Video Standee (B) with Dino

Flintstones, The - Cardboard 3-D Mobile Overhead Display

**Flinstones Viva Vegas, The - Cardboard 3-D Overhead Display

Harlem Nights (Video Standee with Lights)

**Hook - Hanging Tinker Bell Mobil

**Hot Shots Part Deux - Promotional Dart Game Board Standee

Muppet Treasure Island (Video Store Only)

**Kermit the Frog Director - Muppet Home Video Standee

Police Academy I (Small Counter Standee) SOLD

**Police Academy I with Police Girl Cop (Video Store Only) SOLD

Police Academy II (Counter Standee)

Police Academy VI (Video Store Only)

**Sunset- 17x17 counter video standee

Star Trek Plate Cardboard Display Signed by Drew (Convention Counter Standee Only)

**Stroker Ace Movie Cardboard Standee

Taking Care of Business (Video Store Only)

**Undercover Blues Back Lit Movie Standee (Rare Movie Theater Only)

Were Back (Dino Counter Standee)

**We're Back Large (8ft by 4ft) 3 Level Movie Standee (Parade)

**We're Back Large 3 Level Movie Standee - (Dino's in Raft/City)



ABOMINABLE - Dvd cover art

AIP Preview Invitation Postcard (Drive-In Cars Art)

**AIP Preview Thearter Brochure (Tux/Car Art)

**AITV Promo Flyer for SHERLOCK HOLMES tv series. 


**Annual Report Product Brochure (3 Different Art)

Arabian Nights Presskit Folder

**Archie Bunker's Place (Trade Magazine Cover Art)

**AQUAFIRE GUN - (Art for unproduced water pistol toy)

**Back To The Future I Large Promo Cloth Video Banner. 

Back To The Future III - Set of 4 Teaser Postcard

Beach Boys LA Light Album Promotional Postcard Set

**Better Off Dead / Sofa Art (PressKit Only)

Big Fix, The (Artwork For Tv guide Ad Only)

**Big Fix, The (Gun Logo)

Bimby (Production Cardboard Ad) 

Black Oak Arkansas / Cash Box Magazine Ad

**Blade Runner Ultimate dvd collection - (dvd cover)

Blazing Saddles (Artwork for TV GUIDE Only)

Blue Tomato Company / Hollywood Reporter Ad

**Book Soup Company Logo (Advertisement)

**Brillante (Artwork for Wine Company) 

Caboblanco Daily Variety Trade Ad Supplement Book (Pre-Cast Fold-out book)

Caboblanco Daily Variety Trade AD Supplement Book (Casted Actor Book)

**Captain Power (Advertising Poster, Landmark Entertainment)

**Carole King Concert Ad Poster (Rare Graphic Artwork)

Clue Mystery Game / Milton Bradley (Box and Charactors Cards)

Clue Mystery Game / Wendy's Kids Meal Toy Puzzle (Kids Meal Toy)

**Clue/Sprint Phone PCS (Poster & Ads) SOLD

**ColdWater Chandler Racquetball Center (Female Player)

**ColdWater Chandler Racquetball Center (Male Player)

**Crimson Skies, High Road to Revenge - (XBOX Video Game Box Art)

**Crimson Skies, High Road to Revenge -(XBOX game video poster)

Darth Maul Comic #1 (Convention Promotional Card)

**Deadly Heat / MovieStore Pre-Production Ad

**Defiance (B/W Advertisement) 

**Domtar’s 2007 Cougar advertisement (Ad Insert)

**Dr. Dolittle 2006 Stage Musical Starring Tommy Tune. (Rare)

Dream For Sale Invitation to the gallery show Signed by DREW (View Image) 

Drew Struzan OEUVRE BOOK Promo Postcard - (Comic-Con Only Postcard from Dreamwave Production)

**Earthling, The (Promotion Convention Brochure)

Fast Break L.A. Time Movie Showtimes Ad (Cardboard Layout)

**First Blood Rambo (Pre-cast Daily Variety Ad)

Flintstones, The - Horizontal Version (Magazine Ad Only)

**Flying tiger Line (Art done for Poster, Calendar, Ads) - SOLD

**Forbidden Bridge Adventure Game / Milton Bradley (MINT SEALED Box) SOLD

**Gerald And Cullen Rapp. Inc  (Agency Logo Art)

**Goodwill Poster - SOLD

Goodwill Notepad (Promo)

Goodwilll Postcards Set (Promo)

**Goonies, The - Set of 7 Photo - SOLD

**Green Mile, The (2006 Dvd cover only)

Hart to Hart (Artwork for TV GUIDE Only)

Harry and the Hendersons Puzzle by Glade (BROKEN WALL ART)

**Hans Zimmer / DAS MAGAZIN (German Health Magazine Art)

**Hellboy 2 The Golden Army -  NEW YORK COMIC-CON promo poster

**Hollywood High 2000 (Unproduced 1976 Film, Daily Variety Ad)

**Humanoid   (2 page Pre-Production Ad in AIP 1979 book) 

**ILM Magician Logo Art Company T-shirt - SOLD

I The Jury Press Folder Ad

**Iron Butterfly Scorching Beauty Promo Shirt - (MCA T-shirt)

**Ja'net DuBois (Rare Management Agency Promotional Ad)

**Jhirmack Hair Product Company (Hair Magazine Ad)

**Join The RTD (Art done for RTD's summer bus advertisement)

Julio Iglesias Portait Art (Vegas Magazine Ad Only) 

KHJ 93 BOSS Radio Weekly Flyer (1969)

**KRLA 1967 Valentine Day Card (Contest Winner)


**Killian Enterprize (Company Logo)

**Las Vegas Fashion Plaza (Mall Poster)

**Levi's 501 For Woman Ad

**Levi's Action Casuals Colors (Poster & Ads)

**Levi's Action Wool Tropicals (Postcard & Mini Poster)

**Levi's SaddleCut Jeans Ad (Cowboy Laying)

**Levi's SaddleCut Jeans 1982 Calendar (Cowboy Standing Calendar) SOLD

**Levi's Summer Currents Ad 

Lionheart Pre-Cast 1984 Movie Ad

**Lone Ranger & Silver 8.5 inch Plastic Clock 

**Lone Ranger & Silver 14. oz Ceramic Decal Mug 

**Lone Ranger & Silver Tin Bucket

**Lord of the Ring Masterpieces Cards Set 1 (Topps Collector's Cards 1-8)

**Lord of the Ring Masterpieces Cards Set 2 (Topps Collector's Cards 9-18)

Love Endures / Columbine Poster

Longitude (A&E Mini Poster & Dvd Box)

Manhattan Beach Limited Lithograph (Manhattan Beach Fair)

Marshall Tucker Band / This O' Cowboy (Industries Ad)

**Marvel Superhero (Top Deck Card Game & Poster)

**Meatballs IV / MovieStore Pre-Production Ad

Mother Lode (Daily Variety 1982 Advertisement)

**Muppetland #1 (CED Only)

**Muppetland #2 (CED Only) 

**Muppets Colorforms - (Box and Interior Artwork)SOLD

**Muppets Fisher Price Plastic Puzzles 8 different artwork SOLD

**Muppet Home Video Director Kermit Logo

**Muppet Home Video / Emmet Otter's Jug Band Christmas

**Muppet Home Video / Frog Prince

**Muppet Home Video / Hey Cinderella

**Muppet Home Video / Muppet Musicians of Bremen

**Muppet Movie, The (New Box Art)

**Muppet Christmas Carol Ceramic Plate (Rare)

**Muppet Christmas Carol 300 pieces Poster Puzzle

Nancy Drew Files Promotional Bookmark

**Oklahoma Tourism Wil Rogers Art (Poster & Ad)

**Oscars 80th Academy Awards Poster

**Pencil Pushers (Company Logo)

**Phantom/Struzan Shiraz Wine (Wine Label Art)

Pinocchio Fun Pak (Fold-Out Game inside Fun Pak, 4 in full Set)

**Poppy is Also a Flower (Promo Ad Slick)

**Pro-Line Kiddie Kit (Box Art)

Raider's of the Lost Art (Art Agency Calendar Page)

Return of Billy Jack - 2 page Color full Ad (Daily Variety)

Return of Billy Jack - Billy Jack B/W Ad (Daily Variety)

Return of Billy Jack - Billy Jean B/W Ad (Daily Variety)

**Return to Oz Puzzle (500 pieces)

**Right Stuff, The (Industries Ad Slick)

**Santa Barbara Plaza (Mall Poster)

**Santa Rosa Plaza (Promo Ad & Brochure)

**Scissor Sister Hurrah - A year of Ta-Dah (Dvd Cover)

**Scissor Sister Hurrah - A year of Ta-Dah (Dvd promo poster)

**Scissor Siter Bikini Web Logo (Teaser artwork)

**Sea Odyssey (Universal Studio Spain Ride Poster)

**Sherlock Holmes (Rare AITV AD for mystery series)

**Shawshank Redemption 10th Anniversary - (Dvd Cover)

**Sierra Pacific Airlines (Ad Fold Out broucher)

**Sierracin  (Company Brochure Art)

Skeleton Warriors - Landmark Entertainment Postcard

**Smokey and The Bandit (Rare Pre-production large poster ad)

Southern Comfort Advertisement / Woman and Boat (Glossy RARE Photo)

Southern Comfort Advertisement / Lovers and Flag (Glossy RARE photo) 

**Sports Illustrated (Poster & Ads in 70s)

**SPYRO, A Hero's Tale - (Computer Game Box Cover)

**SPYRO, A Hero's Tale - Game Large Standee

**SPYRO, A Hero's Tale - Promotional 16x23 Game Poster

**STING 2, THE - Promotional 14x14 mirror

**Street Cop / MovieStore Pre-Production Ad 1991

**Sunnyvale Town Center (Mall Poster & Event Ad)

Tales of the Gold Monkey (A) (Art for TV GUIDE only)

Tales of the Gold Monkey (B) (Art for TV GUIDE only)

Terry and the Pirates (Preview Magazine Only, signed by DREW)

**Welcome to my Nightmare / Alice Cooper - Promotional Cardboard Paper Mask (Promotional Only)

**Welcome to my Nightmare / Alice Cooper - Promotional 12x12 Mirror with Album Artwork.

**Welcome to my Nightmare / Alice Cooper - Promotional Puzzle

**Welcome to my Nightmare / Alice Cooper - Tour Book

**Welcome to my Nightmare / Alice Cooper - Racing Champion #44 Blue Coupe Limited Edition Car

**What's Up Down Under? (Travel Poster)

**Which Way Is Up? (Rare Richard Pryor large ad)

**Wiz, The (Rare Pre-production large ad)

**Wizard Of Oz (Dorthy Artwork in "Memory of a Munchkin" book)

(** Item is sold, no longer in my collection or so very rare and never found, This list is everything Misc.  and all items to my knowledge does exist in that form.)